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Wanoha Acupuncture Studio


Balance for your body and mind


"Wa" means harmonony ,"Ha" means flow. 

The concept of Wanoha Acupuncture Studio is  "The body and mind  Harmony creates a flow."


Wanoha Acupuncture Studio is based on  Toyohari Japanese Gentle Acupuncture.



Let’s resolve your physical and mental disorders from the root, together, using

acupuncture and moxibustion in Wanoha Acupuncture Studio!


An acupuncture therapist with 25 years of clinical experience will treat you.



Direcor of the Studio

Eitaro Hamano    

Lic. Acpunctre and Moxibution


What is good for Acupuncture and Moxibustion

・ Pain Relief


・Migraines and Headache

・Menstrual Problem


・Digestive disorder




・Boost Energy

Acupuncture and holistic care

Acupuncture and trditional Japanese medicine (it  originary came from ancient Chaina) are time-teated therapies that have been practiced in the Eeast of Asia for thousands of years. Now it is recognizeds as the go-to natural therapy for the modern world. 


The original theory behid acupuncture treatment is  that the healthy functioning of the body is governed by the flow of "Ki" (often translated as "energy") though a system of channels under the skin. When this flow of Ki is impaired, illness occurs. The flow of Ki can be disrupted in many ways: emotional upset, physical trauma, poor diet, and overwork are all common examples. By contacting fine needles at various points along the chaanels, the body's energy flow is opened, restorning balance and resolving illness.


Acupuncture and Moxibustion


At ‘Wa no Wa Acupuncture Studio’, the main treatment is gentle Japanese acupuncture style that is Toyohari melidian therapy and moxibustion is also performed when necessary.

Moxibustion was widely practiced among the general population in the Edo period. It was used as a form of punishment when a child was naughty or misbehaved. You may have an image that moxibustion is hot, but at ‘Wa no ha Acupuncture Studio’ we provide moxibustion that is warm. We sometimes apply moxibustion as thin as a thread to the point of inflammation to aid healing. We also give you guidance on the acupuncture points which will heal your symptoms, so that you can treat yourself with home-use moxibustions.

In the UK, the fragrance of moxibustion is popular and I often received requests for


it. People say it is very relaxing!



●About Acupuncture

●Basic Treatment Flow






■From JR Shinjuku station

 6minute walk.  Pass through the New South Gate". (There will be the escalator to reach the gate at the end of south side of the platform.)

-Go to towards Southern Terrace . There will be a sign for the Southern Terrace, then turn left at the corner of Starbucks coffee shop and then go straight. There will be an escalator on the right taking you down a level towards a pedestrian walkway. Take the elevator down a level and go straight and you will see the brown building that is New State Manor in front of you. 


 ■From JR Yoyogi station

   8 minute walk. Turn right from the "West Gate". You will see DOUTOR coffee shop. Cross the street and follow the road on the left-hand side of the coffee shop. Go straight and pass the railway, keep going straight. You will see the brown building that is New State Manor.


■From Toei Oedo Subway Line, Shinjuku station

 2 minute walk. There will be the "Maynds Tower District Gate" sign at the end of the platform. Take the escalator up from the platform and pass the ticket gate Take the escalator upstairs then go through the underground passage of Maynds Tower (Do not go up the 2nd escalator toward Exit A1). Travel through the passage and walk up the stairs and you will see the New State Maner building across the narrow street.  


 ■From Toei Shinjuku Subway Line and Keio Shinsen Line, Shinjuku station

 2 minute walk.  Go upstairs toward Oedo Subway Line from the platform and then you can see the sign for Maynds Tower District Gate". Please follow the directions directly above 


■From Odakyu Line, Minami Shinjuku station

 5 minute walk. Turn left from the gate. Continue straight on and at the end of the block take a right and then a left at the next corner and you will see the brown building that is New State Maner.


◉How to get to the entrance of

     New State Manor ?


Go into the arch at Seven-eleven convenience store. Go straight along the car park “Times”. You can see the entrance the building on left hand side.


◉How to get to the room 536 in the building?


Go into the entrance of the building.

Then there are the escalators. Go up to 5th floor and turn right and turn right again then you can see "Wanoha Acupuncture Studio".


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