Basic treatment flow


Treatment at ‘Wa no Ha Acupuncture Studio’ is carried out based on the individual constitution and physical condition of the day, which is checked by the pulse, stomach and other parts of the body. We use a small number of needles and treat acupuncture point one by one, carefully.


1. At the initial consultation, we ask you questions such as: "How did the symptoms started?” “When do you have the symptom?” and listen to you carefully.

From the second time, we ask you how you have been feeling since last treatment.


2. We Check the distortion of the body in a standing posture.


3. You will lie on the bed on your back.


4. We will diagnose your condition by checking your pulse, abdomen, and palpation of the meridians and determine the treatment plan. This process will be done carefully as this is very important.


5. First, acupuncture needle is applied to several acupuncture points on the arms and legs. They are very important for balancing the body and increasing vitality.


6. We check your pulse and abdomen again to ensure that the treatment plan was right.


7. We ask you to lie face down and apply needles to the neck and back. If necessary, a warm moxibustion is also applied.


8. We ask you to lie on your back and check your pulse to see if there are any disorder.


9. Finally, we will finish by applying very light needle to the abdomen.


* After the first needle in 5, acupuncture or moxibustion is applied if needed.


* After 2, depending on the symptoms, you may be placed on your stomach to see your condition.






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